2 Feb 2013

Oyster and Chop House, Herne Bay

Mallard with wild rice and fennel, ginger and rhubarb sauce
Last night we went out for a meal for Thomas' Grandad's 70th birthday. It's safe to say that we like to eat out, A LOT. However, we would rather go out less and have great food than more often and it not be so good. Recently we ate at a beefeater and the food was way too much and fairly average, the service was slow and they didn't listen to my request for Noah's food to come out as soon as physically possible, instead it came out after ours! I felt disappointed that it still wasn't exactly cheap but it really wasn't worth the visit!

Last night most certainly was not a disappointment. The Oyster and Chop House in Herne Bay was way better than I was expecting. All the food they served was sourced within 18 miles of the restaurant, it was all fairtrade and organic where possible and it was ALL beautifully presented and delicious, and I didn't feel stuffed just perfectly comfortable and satisfied. The coffee was great too.

Most definitely worth a drive! Go try it.

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