23 May 2014

Noah says....

Noah: I've lost my car!!!!!

Thomas: Oh no! Which one?!

Noah: The one with the wheels!

19 May 2014

Project 52 - 20/52

Let me just begin with; HOW ARE WE 20 WEEKS INTO THIS YEAR ALREADY! Now I've got that out the way...... I've gone to go slightly off topic for this week's photo. My children are in it (just), but it actually shows my whole family. We went to Kew Gardens at the weekend to celebrate a few birthdays. I love this picture because it's exciting. Our family is rapidly growing, this picture shows how we have gone from a family of 5 to a family of 10! I have added Thomas, Noah and Judah, my sister Jessica is getting married in July to Ben and my other sister Joelle brought her boyfriend Aurelien. It's so much fun getting to know these new people and spend time all together. 

In december Joelle put this as her Facebook status:
" I got to spend a lovely day with my two amazing big sisters, Rebecca Green and Jess Laming! One pregnant and the other engaged, its all so exciting and I am looking forward to seeing where we will be next time we go in 2015!"

My mum responded:
"One pregnant, one engaged ...... and one too busy looking after 2 small children?"

I'm excited to see if her predictions are right!

16 May 2014

Noah says

Me: Shall we make biscuits this afternoon?

Noah: May I watch? 

This kid's language is insane!!!!

15 May 2014

Project 51 - 19/52

Running late again this week! I would say time is getting away from me, but it's actual more that I've been going to bed at 9! My only time to write properly is late evenings but we've had a bad week for sleep for everyone really. I'm just so shattered I can't stay awake any later.

I was also putting this week off as I wasn't actually convinced I'd got any pictures to post! I knew there was some of Judah as Noah and I had a little photo session of him whilst he was doing some tummy time, but I didn't remember taking any of Noah. This has been making me feel very guilty, especially as he is changing just as much as Judah at the moment. I need not have worried though as there were a few, including this corker! It's actually really hard to get a picture of him with a nice smile, he just makes stupid faces all the time!

Judah looks like Noah in this picture. People keep telling me he does and I wont believe them but I can see it here. He doesn't really though! The biggest change for Judah at the moment is his ears stick out and he just looks so goddam cute with it! He's also got some cute dimples forming, I hope they stay, they just make his huge smiles even better.

We're off to Kew Gardens on Saturday with my family so I'm looking forward to lots of nice pictures from there.

10 May 2014


When Noah was a baby we had a sling we bought at the Baby Show. We didn't do any research and we let the guy who designed it sell it to us! It was so uncomfortable, I hated wearing it because it pulled on my neck so much. That's the trouble with spontaneity. 

This time round I knew I wanted to get a wrap style sling. They looked so much more comfortable and versatile, as you can use them on the front and back with all different ties. I talked to a friend about wanting to buy one and she said I could have her old one. It was from Liberty Slings and was plain black (as you can see in the picture above). I would probably have been seduced with a fancy one with lots of colours and patterns, but black is great because it goes with everything. 

I loved using it and it has been a life saver with Judah wanting to be cuddled all the time. I did find it quite hard getting it tight enough, I found over time it would sag a bit and it would hurt my back. So I started looking around for the next stage. My friend had moved on to a Mei Tai one so I looked into one of those.

I found this one from MNS Designs on Etsy (she also sells on eBay). I loved the range of fabrics that she uses, that they are reversible and they looked like they had a good amount of padding. She makes the carriers in either a straight cut model or leg cut which is more comfortable for toddlers when they get heavier. I went for the leg cut model so it would have more longevity. I was really struggling to pick between two of her designs and in the end I asked her to make me a custom one with two of the fabrics I loved. 

It came 5 days after I ordered it, which I think is just fantastic for a handmade item. I have used it around the house and we took it out for a walk at the weekend. I find it really comfortable, although I still struggle to tie it tight enough! Now I know how tight I need to do it though it should be easier. The padding around the head and legs for the baby looks and comfortable and the shoulder straps are great too. I haven't tried it out in a back carry yet, it's sturdy enough that I reckon I could put Noah in it, not that he would like that at all! 

My only comment for improvement for this sling is that it would be nice if it came with a draw string bag to keep it in. It folds up quite small but won't stay folded very well. I would also absolutely love one in black fabric with leopard print on the front, as you know from my RNIL post I'm obsessed with leopard print (and anyone who has read Caitlin Moran's book knows it's a neutral, and I got seduced away from that by the lovely green fabric). Although, when I just went to get the link for this post, I saw that she's got a new fabric with iconic London images on it which I absolutely love!

I highly recommend this sling to anyone who is looking for a Mei Tai, and get in touch with Marina if you have any preferences, she is really helpful and accommodating.

9 May 2014

Noah says

Judah did a massive poo whilst Noah and I were eating lunch.....

Me: I think it must be your turn to Judah's nappy, I've done all of them so far today!

Noah: You have be 16 to do nappies. I not 16 yet!

8 May 2014

Right Now I'm Loving......003

This month's RNIL is a lot more varied, my wishes are all over the place! The thing I'm craving the most is decorating. Our hallway, stairs and landing are in desperate need of a make over but it's a huge job and we'd really like someone else to come and do it but we just don't have the pennies to get it done. I have also finally decided how to redecorate our dining room and kitchen which is much more manageable ourselves but is not top priority.

In the same vein as redecorating, our saucepans have had quite a battering and I'd really like to replace them. This saucepan set is so pretty but also really well designed. I saw them in Lakeland and was attracted by the colours. When I had a proper look I was shocked at how light they are, they look like heavy stoneware like Le Creuset but they aren't. The also come with plastic lids so you can put leftovers straight in the fridge. The only downside is they don't have lids you can use when cooking, although Lakeland do do a lid to fit any saucepan which is clever!

Now the weather is getting nicer and I'm getting out and about with the kids, we are picnicking a lot. Noah has some really nice lunch bags and boxes we use, but my food usually goes in boring tupperware. This cool bag with matching water bottle and flask is so cute! I love that it looks like a tote bag and I'm a sucker for a matching set. As Noah gets more independent and I don't need to follow him around play parks as much, it would be nice to take a little flask of coffee to enjoy whilst he plays. I also volunteer at a community cafe some Saturdays, so it would be really nice to have this bag for storing my breast pump and expressed milk in.

I have a pair of these sandals from Sseko Designs, they are a-mazing. I love learning different ties and spending ages playing with them watching you tube videos of how to tie them! However, it can be a faff when trying to get ready to go out. This year they have brought out these leather t-bar straps that can go on them. I would really love some, especially as it's hard enough to get out the house as it is, and I don't want to have to leave them packed away for a few years!

I have a major crush on all Cosatto products. We already have one of their car seats for Noah, it was really reasonably prices and has a funky robot design. All of their products are so bright and fun. This car seat grabbed my eye for 3 reasons. 1. How could you miss it with those colours 2.I love that it's main body is white, not black like every blooming baby product out there 3. That bar across the front instead of a five point harness seems like a really good idea. Now this is nowhere near as reasonably priced as the one we bought so I'm sure I will go on wanting, but I will definitely go for Cosatto when we need a bigger seat for Judah. On a side note, the Pixilate double buggy makes me want a double buggy!

My eyes don't like sunshine much, so I'm never without sunglasses. I never spend a lot on them as I don't look after them. I only have one pair in working order now so my eBay wish list is full of sunglasses! These are my current favourite, I love the shape and I am obsessed with leopard print. I may actually get these as they are under £2!

So that's it for this month.

5 May 2014

Project 52 - 18/52

Both photos this week were taken on a lovely sunny day in a park in Canterbury. I very bravely decided to go and try and buy a swimming costume. Shopping with Noah has been impossible since he was very little, he just wouldn't do waiting patiently in a buggy, if I stopped he wanted to get out. I didn't manage to find a swimming costume, but Noah was an angel the whole way round town. So once I was all done we took a football to the park and had a run around together. He wasn't much interested in playing with the ball, he just ran around in this bandstand.

I lay Judah down on the ground and he just smiled away in the sunshine whilst we played. It was all a little bit idyllic! The sunshine just makes such a difference to our days.

Don't worry it all went to pot when it rained the next day. Thankfully it has been nice and sunny ever since and we have been having the best times.

4 May 2014

Project 52 - 17/52

Running a bit late this week! It's amazing how quickly you forget the things you have done. I really had to think to remember what we did last week, I wasn't even sure I had taken any photos. Fortunately I had, and I think they are some good ones. I'm so glad I am doing this project so I have a forever reminder of these things.

Noah's photo is taken from a day out at Port Lympe zoo. We went with his best buddy Lois and her mum. It was such a good day, I love hanging out with them and the weather was perfect. At Port Lympe the have massive army trucks you ride on with all the animals roaming around you. I was a bit nervous of going without Thomas, trying to deal with both boys on the truck could have been hard! I put Judah in the wrap so he mostly slept, and Noah was really good so I had no need to worry. We did have to separate Noah and Lois though because he kept undoing their seat belts! You can see here that he was having a great time.

I managed to get a Bumbo from someone on a Facebook selling page, and Noah has been obsessed with it ever since. This week he asked if we could put Judah in it so we gave it a go. I was worried he wouldn't be strong enough yet, but he seemed to really like it. He can't stay in it very long as his neck muscles aren't quite up to it yet, but it's already a handy thing to have! His face is changing lots lately, he looks less and less like Noah, I really see Thomas in him.

I'm going to get next week's post cued up now so there wont be another long delay! More pictures from a lovely sunny day. Bring on summer I'm loving getting out and about lots more already!

2 May 2014

Noah says

On babies:

Noah (sung): Not talking properly, not talking properly, crying aaaand vomit!