29 Aug 2014

Noah says....







28 Aug 2014

H&M Haul

I'm a huge fan of H&M, the vast majority of clothes come from there. I like their style and most of all I like the prices. I also love their children's clothes which are also much cheaper than most on the high street.

So when I saw they had a great sale online and someone gave me a code for more off (I think it was 20%) including the sale items, I went to see what I could get.

Boy did I do well!

Firstly for me;

I got a yoga top, sports cropped trousers, a sports bra, a white slug tee and another plain white tee. These cost £43.17 all together - the sports bra was the most expensive at £17.99 but I really needed another one now I'm doing more exercise. Even better was I actually ordered another pair of trousers, a top and a dress which were all too big. The dress I love though so I'm getting the smaller size of that. The others were a bit meh. 

For Thomas I got two pairs of trousers and a plain white tee all for £16.19.

I didn't get huge amounts for Judah as I kept all Noah's old clothes. His wardrobe and drawers are already busting. I just got two white long sleeved tops, a denim shirt, a grey sweater, the bat man tee and the cute badger outfit. These came to £26.34.

For Noah I got so so much. I went for trousers and shorts in the 3-4 size as he has lots of 2-3 that fit him now. The shorts are obviously for next year but they all came with a belt which makes them even more of a bargain! The above picture came to £53.52, the most expensive pair being £8.99.

Lastly for Noah I got, a checked shirt, 3 long sleeved tees, a zip up hoody, two white tees, a grey jumper and not pictured 7 pairs of 'Planes' pants. All totalling £35.5.

So all in all there is 31 items for £174.72. If that's not a bargain I don't know what is. What's even more amazing is ordering online and having so little to return.

You'll also notice the abundance of white tops, I'm about to get my tie dye on again. Suppose I should do a post about that too!

27 Aug 2014

Project 52 - 34/52

Slightly unconventional again this week. 

I wanted to post some pictures with some of my favourite people in the world. We were very lucky to spend some time with them at the weekend and show off the boys.

Robert and Marion were the founders of the church I grew up in, the church my parents still go to. Even though we have moved and go to a new church which has a great family, even though the building the used to use has been demolished and a new building in it's place, even though there is a new pastor, the Staplehurst Free Church will always feel like my home. Robert and Marion moved away a long long time ago now, we don't get to see them nearly enough, they are such special people and I miss them dearly.

Debs is Robert and Marion's daughter. I was a teeny tiny bridesmaid when her and Pete got married.Pete works at the oh so fancy Stowe school and we were very privileged to get to stay over night in the dorms so we could spend more time with them. Debs and Pete have 3 beautiful and talented and all grown up children. I still picture them as little kids which shows just how little we see them these days. 

Thank you so much for having us to stay and for being the most amazing family. 

21 Aug 2014

Project 52 - 33/52

Please excuse the state of the wall behind Noah, we're getting some work done in our kitchen/dining room soon and are trying to decide how to redecorate (second from the left is winning at the moment). Look at that cheeky grin. We are savouring those wonderful smiles at the moment as Noah's sleep is still very disturbed, therefore he is tired all the time. Grumpy Noah isn't much fun!

This one, however, remains eternally smiley. One day I upstairs and thought to myself "Noah's playing the piano very nicely, he usually bashes away on it". I went downstairs to find this.......

This was the first time Judah had pulled himself up on something. By the next day he had used the top of the piano to pull himself onto his feet, and yesterday he moved onto the little kitchen which is next to the piano. SLOW DOWN CHILD! 


17 Aug 2014

Mum's List 5

Real Life
Wow. This week has been a busy one. It has definitely been a good one though which is great.
  • We got caught in the rain a grand total of 4 time this week, including two wet picnics!
  • I did Pilates for the first time in two weeks and it hurt. Then I did Yoga the next night so consequently carried on hurting for a few more days!
  • After a day when both boys moaned and cried all day, I felt like I couldn't cope with two children at all. That evening my neighbour text me asking if I could look after her daughter the next day! I was really nervous but it was actually great and boosted my confidence.
  • We went to the Rare Breeds Centre, the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway and Noah had his first trip to the theatre to see What the Ladybird Heard. So it was a very exciting week for him. When we asked him what he thought of the theatre he said it was "wonderful".

  • I have managed to go out for drinks with friends and Thomas and I went out for dinner round our friends' house. We even got some child free time at a party we went to meaning we could join in the music 'jam' that was happening.
  • At the end of the party everyone left went out for a walk, I hand't been planning on joining in on this activity but it was a beautiful evening and I had the Mei Tai carrier in the car. I did not, however, have good footwear; I was wearing my new Toms! It was ok going in my toms for most of the walk but right near the end we had to cross a field that was really wet, sticky mud. There was no way I was going to wreck my Toms crossing it so I went barefoot. At first it was gross but I got into it and then found it totally liberating. Was much easier cleaning my feet than it is trying to get mud off walking boots as well!
  • We have also got to spend a lot of time within our new church family, getting to know people and beginning to feel really part of things. I'm so pleased we decided to make a change as I feel a lot more positive as a result. The party yesterday was with people from our old church family, which was also really special as they are some amazing people that we don't want to leave behind.
  • Judah (still) isn't crawling, he is, however, a complete liability already. He also loves food.

Social and Blogging
I really have nothing to add here. I have been so busy with everything else I have barely even been online!

Looking forward to next week being as good (although with time for blogging).

Mums' Days
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10 Aug 2014

Mum's List 4

Thankfully I can say this week has been much better than last week! 

Real Life
  • Monday started the week off quite well,  the cleaner was sick, which I was kind of glad about. It meant we didn't have to get out the house for a couple of hours and could just stay in. Noah had fallen asleep at 4.30 on Sunday afternoon and slept through until about 6 Monday morning. It was so nice to spend a day at home with him in a much happier mood! 
  • Tuesday my sister came and had the boys in the afternoon and I had a nap. Bliss! In the evening I took my sister up to Bluewater and had a really good shop and a burger. It was really nice to have some time out the house and I love girly time with my littlest sis as it's kind of new for us.
  • The rest of the week days were full of seeing friends and trips to fun parks with my mum. Lots of adult company and getting out the house compared to the week before.
  • I started a beginner's yoga course on Wednesday which I really enjoyed. I haven't been to Pilates in 2 weeks and I've really missed it. I have been scoffing my face quite a lot lately and I am pretty certain I've put some weight back on. My body confidence has dropped right down as a result. I daren't weigh myself to see the real damage, I just plan to get running again. When it stops raining!
  • Judah still isn't crawling, he is so close though! He wants to practice at every opportunity and never sits still!
  • Noah is so smart it surprises me as I'm sure I never teach him anything! This week we made a card for my friend who has had a baby called Quinn. He figured out that the sound at the beginning was "Qu" and found the right letter to stick on the card. He can also identify the numbers 1-10 and understands counting items up to 10 as well.
  • The photos below were from Sunday morning and chocolate croissants for breakfast. Thomas said: "Having a baby makes your toddler seem so much more civilised"!

Blog Life

  • I have over 100 followers on Twitter. Pretty good for someone who doesn't use it! 
  • My cousin sent me some digital mock ups for the new blog page. Getting excited about her designs!
  • I had no photos at all to do Project 52. Next week isn't looking much better.
This week I've read two great articles I just had to mention
  • Firstly this article as it was International Breast Feeding Week - 30 Ways Breast Feeding And Formula Feeding Are Exactly The Same. I breastfeed and strongly believe everyone should at least give it a go, because duh it's free! However, I don't give a monkey's how you ultimately feed your baby.
  • Secondly -  Forget the cot, sleep with your baby. I'm sure the article is right, most people sleep with their babies in their bed more than they let on. We've never hidden the fact our bed ends up full of babies and other people always know exactly what we are talking about. It definitely makes me feel good being that close to the tiny ones and I'm sure it must be good for them too.
So here's to another good week next week. 

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3 Aug 2014

Mum's List 3

I have to admit I have had a horrible week this week. There have been pockets of goodness, but an over-riding feeling of exhaustion and misery!

Real Life

  • Since coming back from Bournemouth, neither boy has slept well. The first few days we had them both awake until 9/10pm. Then Judah is waking up at least 3 times a night for a feed, Noah has been waking up in the night and also waking up before 7am most mornings. We are both extremely tired, the thought that we are not going to get a good night's sleep any time soon is exhausting just to think about!
  • On Wednesday my sister came over and looked after both boys, so I had some freedom. It was amazing, I unpacked, got loads of washing done, got all our paperwork filed, did some studying, the list goes on! It felt good to get some things organised, but in hindsight I wish I'd had a nap!
  • Thursday was a really hard day. For some reason we had complete toilet regression from Noah. He wet himself 5 times, which previous to this I think had happened once in the last couple of months. The first time we were out and I had nothing for him to wear, cue half naked dash home! He then just kept doing it and I had no idea if he was doing it on purpose. Thomas was out in the evening and neither boy wanted to stay asleep. I think I managed to get them both off and went to sleep myself by about 9.30!
  • The positives of Thursday were accidentally matching Judah as pictured above, seeing our darling friend Patrick as pictured below, and briefly seeing my friend Rachel who brought over Noah's very belated birthday present. He was so so polite to Rachel and said thank you so nicely, unprompted, that I was a very proud Mummy.
  • Friday I couldn't cope anymore, so made an emergency visit to my very wonderful in-law's for lunch and some extra hands. 
  • Lack of sleep has made everyone very grumpy all week, even the happiest baby ever has had a grizzle on. I am inclined to think that he is teething though, so there have been the odd doses of calpol which have helped settle him off to sleep in the evenings. We also gave him frozen mango in a Nuby Nibbler, which he LOVED.
  • Let's end on some positives though; Judah still isn't crawling but he is so very close, he's pretty much mastered sitting though. I genuinely saw Noah spell the word 'tap' on an Alphablocks game, I watched him sit and say the word over and over to work out the sounds in it and get it right first time. I was completely dumbfounded, ran to get my camera and video him doing the next words. They weren't as good but still impressive for a 3 year old. Also, I had a little session with Thomas remembering how to skate which was lots of fun!

Social and Blogging

Very little change here. 
  • I got all my blog pages up to date and my views have gone past the 7000 mark which is exciting.
  • Instagram followers continue to grow rapidly, which is great because it is the best social media platform in my opinion.
  • Pretty stagnant on all other social media, but I haven't done anything to try and grow my followers.

1 Aug 2014

Noah says...

Until recently Noah did not get the concept of 'why?' at all. If we asked him why he did something he couldn't answer it and he never said it himself.

I was dreading the day he figured it out.

He's so full of questions as it is, I wasn't looking forward to him adding in 'why' and of course everyone talks about kids going on and on......"why, why, why, WHY?"

Then one day, he said it. He asked why we did something. Time froze for just a second whilst I took a big breath and prepared for the onslaught....... which never came. He just added it to his repertoire of words and moved on.

However, he's decided to go for a much more philosophical question; "what does that mean?" It's easy for some things:

Noah Hears a siren: "What does that mean?"

Mummy: "That means there is an emergency somewhere and the ambulance needs to get to it really      quickly. The siren makes people get out of the way."

Other questions are not.

I've got to grips with it now though:

Mummy: "What do you think it means?"


28 Jul 2014

Project 52 - 30/52

I discovered I actually have plenty of good pictures I took whilst we were down in Bournemouth, so I managed quite easily this week after all. 

This photo of Noah was taken the day we arrived, we had a nice wander along the sea front and an ice cream for tea instead of any proper food! He's getting pretty good at controlling the drips of ice cream in cones. The ice cream all over his face was actually courtesy of Daddy!

There were better pictured of Judah, but I just had to include this one. Other wise my project would not really document their changes! He is up on all fours all the time now, he is so close to crawling. I'm just not sure he actually knows what is supposed to come next! He tends to stay in this position for a while then collapse back to floor, or lunge forward and face plant the floor! Not long now I'm sure.


27 Jul 2014

Mum's List 2

This week has been a complete roller coaster of emotions, being super busy and really relaxed! I'm writing this at the last minute, I had planned to write it in the car this afternoon but I was so tired and feeling grotty anyway, that I didn't want to get travel sick!

Real Life

  • As I will be finishing maternity leave soon, and I struggle getting housework done as it is we decided to take on a cleaner. Monday was her first session and she and her husband did a huge deep clean on the whole house. It took them both 6.5 hours which I was so embarrassed by but they did such a good job. It's already helping us keep things a bit tidier and more ordered which is good. There is so much "stuff" everywhere that needs sorting out though!
  • Monday night Thomas went down with the tummy bug, it seems to have been doing the rounds! Noah had it over a week before him so he must have caught it elsewhere.
  • This however, put a huge spanner in the works as we were heading off to Bournemouth on Wednesday for my middle sister's wedding. Obviously we really didn't want to risk making other people sick at all. So during the day Tuesday I carried on packing with the plan to head down with the boys on my own with Thomas following later. Then my mum said we should all come later in case Judah or I got sick, so I stopped getting things ready. I was so so upset because it was our only real holiday booked this year and I hate missing out on time with my family all together. Then 9pm Tuesday my Dad phoned and said we should book into a hotel for Wednesday night so that we definitely made it down, he was worried if someone else got sick we would struggle to make it at all! So suddenly I had to get packing again with quite a different head on as we wouldn't have kitcheny bits for baby food/bottles!
  • Fortunately, we were all fine and it was actually really nice spending Wedneday and Thursday as just our family unit, we played mini golf and went to the Oceanarium. It was absolutely scorching hot so we just took things really slowly and got to relax. Thursday evening we joined the rest of my family and went out for drink with my sisters, their partners and the best man whilst my parents baby sat.
  • Friday was wedding prep day with the rehearsal and reception decorating so very busy and a tad stressful.
  • It was all worth it though as the day was ridiculously perfect (apart from a slight VW camper mishap). The sun was amazing, everyone was so relaxed. Noah and Judah kept going until 10pm, so we got to really enjoy the whole day. I think I will write a whole post about it in the week once a few more photos start emerging for me to steal! For now here is a little teaser......

  • Today we packed up and came home. Back to the grind, and I'm not looking forward to it to be honest!

Social and Blogging
  • My Instagram followers have continued to grow this week. I think in the past two weeks I have had at least one new mummy blogger follower a day. It's great to start making contact with people, even if it's just looking at each other's photos. My aim for this week is to get commenting on them as well!
  • Twitter followers are up as well I'm at 96, pushing 100 is pretty good considering I barely use it!
  • With such a busy week I have no idea whether I have some good photos for next week's Project 52. I would have loved some wedding ones, but I couldn't handle trying to take photos as well. I knew there would be plenty from other people, so abandoned my camera for the day.
  • As my cousin was at the wedding we got to have an impromptu chat about the website design she is doing for me. I'm really excited about her ideas and looking forward to working with her as she is so passionate about her work. 

I have a lot of blog organising to do this week, which I fully intend to knuckle down and do. Need to catch up on my reading of everyone else's as well!
So here's another little teaser of some wedding pics to send us out.....

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25 Jul 2014

Noah says....

On Judah:

"He is beautiful, and kind, and gentle......and really grabby!"

It's true. The little one needs a 3ft empty space around him otherwise he will grab everything! 

Thomas bought me some beautiful flowers this week and put them in a vase on the table. They had to be moved sharpish as I feed Judah in the bumbo on the table!

23 Jul 2014

Cheeky Wipes - A review

When I was pregnant with Noah I decided to buy a changing table. Lots of people say they are unnecessary and dangerous, although you still see pictures of them in every gorgeous "nursery' picture. My main reason for buying one was because we were planning to use cloth nappies and there's an awful lot of stuff that goes with that.  A changing table seemed the most logical place to store it. Noah also seemed to have some sixth sense about the changing table and always lay still, Judah is another matter!

We managed to buy a second hand changing table for £20 which we were very pleased with, and as we are still using it we have definitely got our money's worth.  As we didn't spend a lot, we had no problem altering it a bit possibly making it unsellable. However, I happen to think my husband did the most awesome furniture hack.......

He made that awesome self to sit above it, and it hold my most useful bit go baby kit. On this shelf goes, a basket to chuck the dirty nappy out the way so I can sort it out once a clean nappy is in situ, the nappy liners and my Cheeky Wipes boxes.

If you are going down the cloth nappy route then I think Cheeky Wipes are a no brainer. If you are using disposable nappies, I would still consider using them. I never liked the idea of putting the poopy wipes in with the rest of my washing, which of course is silly as it all gets washed but that's just me. You could still just use them for hands and faces though and save loads of money. Cheeky Wipes have calculated they will save you over £250 on buying disposable wipes, and I'm sure that is done easily!

I bought this kit when I purchased mine. It includes two boxes; one for clean wipes and one for 'mucky' wipes, two out and about bags for the same, 25 wipes and essential oils to make them smell pretty. For the mucky box and bag there are mesh bags which sit inside so you just pull the drawstring and stick them in the wash with your nappies. No need to touch dirty wipes. 

So, I have my two boxes sitting on my shelf above the table and it is all just so handy. They are really easy to use and it's great that you know there are no nasty chemicals going on that scrumptious skin. Cheeky Wipes say there is no need to dry the wipes before using them again just pop them straight back in the box. I like to make extra work for myself though and don't do this. I have two reasons for this; firstly by hanging them out on the washing line it helps bleach out any stains, and secondly I will have put another load of wipes straight in the box so won't need them until it's empty.

My washing machine has a ginormous load size of 9kg, so I can get through a lot of wipes before I have a full load. As a result I bought a few extra pack of wipes, I probably have about 75 in total. This may seem a tad excessive but part of the reason is because of the one big problem I had with Cheeky Wipes. They are not good friends with nappies with velcro on. With Noah I had a set of Bum Genius nappies with velcro and they just stuck to the terry towelling wipes, leaving a lot of them quite thread bare. I didn't buy the terry ones again and the micro fibre ones are much prettier colours and nicer to use I think. I also do not use those nappies any more and would not recommend them to anyone. 

The out and about bags are a good idea, I did use them with Noah but I have to admit we take disposable ones out with us now. I have to draw the line somewhere and it's just one more thing to remember to sort out in the nappy bag, leaving a pack of disposable ones in there is much easier. 

One small disclaimer I have to make is about the boxes. Since I bought my boxes over 3 years ago, Cheeky Wipes have redesigned the box. The box style I had you pushed the lid and it popped open. Sadly the clasp bit didn't last very well, they did replace the lids quite happily though as they knew it was a design flaw. The new boxes have a clip lid which looks much sturdier. Here is a picture of the different types of boxes so you have a slight idea of the improvements they made. 

Unfortunately thought, my mucky wipes box is on it's last days. The hinge has worn away to the lids completely pops off every time I use it. I think it would have been better if Cheeky Wipes had sent out their new boxes to customers who complained about the old ones, as the whole thing looks designed better. It isn't the end of the world though as I can just put the wipes straight in the bucket with the nappies. It will be a disaster if the clean wipes goes too though!

I hope you have found this review useful. Give me a shout if you have any questions about this, or anything I have mentioned in the post.

21 Jul 2014

Project 52- 29/52

This photo of Noah is the cutest. Probably me for me than for you though. He got the giggle whilst we were eating lunch, Thomas kept saying silly "rude" phrases at him and he just couldn't stop. It melts me the way he puts his hand over his mouth when he gets the proper giggles.

I just can't keep up with Judah anymore, he is so strong and determined. I took this photo just after the first crawling attempt. He didn't do it again, but he was so interested in the camera he got to me faster than I could move away!

I think you can see his determination right there in his eyebrows!
This week we are off to Bournemouth for 5 days for my sister's wedding. We are staying in the most fabulous apartment with my family, it's set over four floors and from the pictures I've seen online it looks like there are lots of stairs. So that will be where Judah learns to crawl, right?!

20 Jul 2014

Mum's List 1

I have decided to take part in a link up with Hannah from Mums' Days. Every week she gets bloggers to post about their week as a little summary. I thought this would be beneficial on two counts; firstly it lets you the reader know how I pass my time and makes sure I fill you in on all the developments in our lives when they happen, but also to make contact with other bloggers and build my readers.

So a Mum's list will include:

  • What we have been up to this week as a family
  • Things that are occurring on the blog and in other social media
  • Articles I have enjoyed reading this week
  • Sounding out any ideas I have had

My aim will be to have this go up every Sunday evening. That will make 3 schedules posts every week - Mum's list, Noah says and Project 52. Along with this there will be monthly Right Now I'm Loving and the odd review chucked in here and there. How does that sound to keep me busy writing and you busy reading?!

So lets begin:

Real Life

  • The week started  a bit wrong as Noah went down with a tummy bug on Sunday night, so Monday he was feeling quite sorry for himself. He hasn't been properly back on form all week, has been in our room at night quite a lot (as you can see in the picture at the top) and so he is tired. He's also really clingy with me at the moment.
  • We have finally got a quote we like for having some alterations done on our kitchen/dining room. I'm looking forward to it becoming a more functional space and getting to redecorate. It feels like we are starting to make our home our own a bit more. There's a lot that needs doing around the house but Thomas is somewhat reluctant to do it when there are small people still around, I would rather have it look nice now and redo it when they're bigger! I guess I am in the house more which is why it bothers me more.
  • Judah is commando crawling all over now, he got up on elbows and knees on Friday and had a go at crawling. Just one little lunge forward. I'm fairly certain he would have the hang of it though if I let him practice more. I'm not practiced at spotting baby dangers again so I've just been putting him in a travel cot so I know he's safe! 
  • Thomas did a special shift with another team as some extra training and they were really keen on him applying for a job that is coming up soon. He's not 100% if he wants to go for it, but I think a change would do him good. He's definitely not very happy in his current job, but the NHS doesn't seem the happiest place to work at the moment anywhere!
  • I've had a fairly negative week with regards to the little project I keep alluding to. This means it will be even longer before I can actually talk about it! Also means I am a little more nervous about my fast approaching end of maternity leave!


  • This week has been the week for Instagram, I've got quite a few new fellow mummy blog followers on there so hello to you all. 
  • When I first joined Bloglovin I got a few new followers a week, this has pretty much tapered off now. So please follow me there if you enjoy reading.
  • Twitter is usually one or two new followers a week, not often real people to talk to though. That being said I'm not very good at using it!


  • I've been slowly working on giving my blog a makeover - this week I saw some mock ups of a new logo to give me a little branding. All very exciting.
  • Currently the my posts get about 70 views counted through blogger. I think a lot of those are my Facebook friends. Thank you everyone for all your support so far.

  • I enjoyed reading this post Redefining Motherhood on Evidence Based Tits and Teeth. I have a lot of difficulty believing I'm a good mum and as much as I love reading about parenting on the internet, it can definitely be detrimental when you know you don't manage to do everything that is 'right' for your children. I'm still a long way from believing I'm a good mum, but reading that article definitely made a little breakthrough! 

Mums' Days
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14 Jul 2014

Project 52 - 28/52

This week just shows what a pair of goofballs I am raising already. I don't think this picture of Noah needs any comment really......!

Judah is soooooo into food! As well as porridge for breakfast then puree mixed with baby rice for lunch and dinner, he has something to chomp on whilst we are eating other wise he gets such bad food envy! This picture is the result of a ginormous strawberry which he devoured! So far the only thing he has turned his nose up is half a grape.

Also, can I just say.....that quiff! It makes me die. Hopefully it is the start of some curls.

9 Jul 2014

Project 52 - 27/52

Wow. The weather lately has been amazing! I say that, but it has completely recked my skin. I am so torn between enjoying being out in the sunshine with happy boys and my face, neck and arms being covered in rashy dry skin. 

One day last week, I heard it was due to be the hottest day of the year, so Noah and I decided to head somewhere a bit cooler. We had a really lovely walk in the woods, Noah actually walked the whole way which is very rare. Despite not wanting to go out at all he had a good time once we were there. We took his new camera and a pot with a magnifying lid from his bug hunting kit to try and have a mini beast adventure (we love Jess on cbeebies). 

Judah still remains the happiest little chap. He wants to eat ALL THE TIME which is starting to wear me down. I'm going full on with purees now and am trying out formula in the evenings to get him to sleep a bit longer (I actually got a bit of evening to myself last night so it's working a little). I don't remember knowing about the '4 month growth spurt' last time with Noah, although we weened him at the same age so it must have happened. It is most definitely what is happening with Judah though. I just pray it only lasts a month! He has also graduated from the carry cot to the seat in the pushchair, he just wants to see what is going on!

This week is already running away from me. I have so much to do, but the weather is nowhere near as nice so hopefully that will keep me indoors and doing it.

Noah's New Bedroom

Recently, we finally got round to finishing Noah's bedroom. We had painted it and got the furniture in, but no matter how much we called it a 'space bedroom' there was absolutely nothing space themed about it! I bought some wall vinyls from Etsy. There were not cheap, but they were exactly what I had in mind and you could pick the colours for it. This really appealed to me as I could make sure they completely matched my 'scheme'! 

When they arrived, I realised just how big a job it was going to be. All of these pieces were arranged on the sheets in colours, so the things that were made up of lots colours had to assembled on the wall. So we arranged for Noah to be elsewhere so we had four free hands to do it. In the picture above you can see Thomas finishing the rocket. 

My aim for the day was to get the rocket done, but once we got going we found that they were really easy to do. This bit above has a girl standing on a boys shoulders, and every element was separate. It was quite tricky getting the bits in exactly the right place, but the design is really forgiving. Where the wall shows it looks like it's meant to be there. 

In the end we managed to get almost all of it done before Noah came home, and he was asleep so we could put all the furniture back ready for his big surprise. At the moment he is still in his toddler bed, but I plan to put some white bunk beds in the same place for the boys to share in the future.

This is my favourite part, I think it's just so cute with the little bucket full of the stars they have caught. 

We decided to put the height chart on the wardrobe, so if we ever moved house or changed the wardrobe, we could take the door off and keep it. We plan to mark their heights on it periodically and now Noah is 3 I really need to get a permanent marker to make his first mark. The basket of nappies has gone now, hooray!

This photo does not show how pleased Noah was! He came in slowly, with his hand over his mouth and just said "WOW!" He then spent the rest of the day, make that week, telling me is was "amazing", "beautiful", "wonderful"and what all his favourite bits are! Right now they are the aliens.

I love him being in the big bedroom because I can keep moving around the furniture. Right now it looks nothing like this anymore! We plan to replace his toddler bed with bunk beds eventually so the boys can share the room.

Please comment if you have enjoyed seeing inside our house. Is there anything else you would like me to write about?

4 Jul 2014

Noah says

"Mummy! I've got rubber gloves on for rubbing things with!"

29 Jun 2014

Project 52 - 21-25/52

31/05/2014 - We had a lovely walk in a local park with a friend this day, the picture doesn't really show just how high this wall is. Noah is a real adventurer though!

31/05/2014 - Judah has a great line in pouty bottom lips! Pretty hard to resist!

13/06/2014 - Noah sat like a champ in the car all day as we drove down to Dorset for the weekend. Here we stopped for a picnic and a little wild swimming. Still not got very good at smiling for pictures!

14/06/2014 - Judah really enjoyed the steam train ride as you can see!

18/06/2014 - Noah was a big fan of the model village at Legoland. He really loves London so that bit was definitely his favourite! 

20/06/2014 - Judah's first try of baby rice. He loved it. He's chomped on some of our food too, I think like Noah we'll do a mixture of purees and baby led weening. The only thing he has disliked so far was a carrot stick, hopefully we have another champion eater on our hands!