28 Aug 2014

H&M Haul

I'm a huge fan of H&M, the vast majority of clothes come from there. I like their style and most of all I like the prices. I also love their children's clothes which are also much cheaper than most on the high street.

So when I saw they had a great sale online and someone gave me a code for more off (I think it was 20%) including the sale items, I went to see what I could get.

Boy did I do well!

Firstly for me;

I got a yoga top, sports cropped trousers, a sports bra, a white slug tee and another plain white tee. These cost £43.17 all together - the sports bra was the most expensive at £17.99 but I really needed another one now I'm doing more exercise. Even better was I actually ordered another pair of trousers, a top and a dress which were all too big. The dress I love though so I'm getting the smaller size of that. The others were a bit meh. 

For Thomas I got two pairs of trousers and a plain white tee all for £16.19.

I didn't get huge amounts for Judah as I kept all Noah's old clothes. His wardrobe and drawers are already busting. I just got two white long sleeved tops, a denim shirt, a grey sweater, the bat man tee and the cute badger outfit. These came to £26.34.

For Noah I got so so much. I went for trousers and shorts in the 3-4 size as he has lots of 2-3 that fit him now. The shorts are obviously for next year but they all came with a belt which makes them even more of a bargain! The above picture came to £53.52, the most expensive pair being £8.99.

Lastly for Noah I got, a checked shirt, 3 long sleeved tees, a zip up hoody, two white tees, a grey jumper and not pictured 7 pairs of 'Planes' pants. All totalling £35.5.

So all in all there is 31 items for £174.72. If that's not a bargain I don't know what is. What's even more amazing is ordering online and having so little to return.

You'll also notice the abundance of white tops, I'm about to get my tie dye on again. Suppose I should do a post about that too!

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