1 Aug 2014

Noah says...

Until recently Noah did not get the concept of 'why?' at all. If we asked him why he did something he couldn't answer it and he never said it himself.

I was dreading the day he figured it out.

He's so full of questions as it is, I wasn't looking forward to him adding in 'why' and of course everyone talks about kids going on and on......"why, why, why, WHY?"

Then one day, he said it. He asked why we did something. Time froze for just a second whilst I took a big breath and prepared for the onslaught....... which never came. He just added it to his repertoire of words and moved on.

However, he's decided to go for a much more philosophical question; "what does that mean?" It's easy for some things:

Noah Hears a siren: "What does that mean?"

Mummy: "That means there is an emergency somewhere and the ambulance needs to get to it really      quickly. The siren makes people get out of the way."

Other questions are not.

I've got to grips with it now though:

Mummy: "What do you think it means?"


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