28 Jul 2014

Project 52 - 30/52

I discovered I actually have plenty of good pictures I took whilst we were down in Bournemouth, so I managed quite easily this week after all. 

This photo of Noah was taken the day we arrived, we had a nice wander along the sea front and an ice cream for tea instead of any proper food! He's getting pretty good at controlling the drips of ice cream in cones. The ice cream all over his face was actually courtesy of Daddy!

There were better pictured of Judah, but I just had to include this one. Other wise my project would not really document their changes! He is up on all fours all the time now, he is so close to crawling. I'm just not sure he actually knows what is supposed to come next! He tends to stay in this position for a while then collapse back to floor, or lunge forward and face plant the floor! Not long now I'm sure.


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