23 Jul 2014

Cheeky Wipes - A review

When I was pregnant with Noah I decided to buy a changing table. Lots of people say they are unnecessary and dangerous, although you still see pictures of them in every gorgeous "nursery' picture. My main reason for buying one was because we were planning to use cloth nappies and there's an awful lot of stuff that goes with that.  A changing table seemed the most logical place to store it. Noah also seemed to have some sixth sense about the changing table and always lay still, Judah is another matter!

We managed to buy a second hand changing table for £20 which we were very pleased with, and as we are still using it we have definitely got our money's worth.  As we didn't spend a lot, we had no problem altering it a bit possibly making it unsellable. However, I happen to think my husband did the most awesome furniture hack.......

He made that awesome self to sit above it, and it hold my most useful bit go baby kit. On this shelf goes, a basket to chuck the dirty nappy out the way so I can sort it out once a clean nappy is in situ, the nappy liners and my Cheeky Wipes boxes.

If you are going down the cloth nappy route then I think Cheeky Wipes are a no brainer. If you are using disposable nappies, I would still consider using them. I never liked the idea of putting the poopy wipes in with the rest of my washing, which of course is silly as it all gets washed but that's just me. You could still just use them for hands and faces though and save loads of money. Cheeky Wipes have calculated they will save you over £250 on buying disposable wipes, and I'm sure that is done easily!

I bought this kit when I purchased mine. It includes two boxes; one for clean wipes and one for 'mucky' wipes, two out and about bags for the same, 25 wipes and essential oils to make them smell pretty. For the mucky box and bag there are mesh bags which sit inside so you just pull the drawstring and stick them in the wash with your nappies. No need to touch dirty wipes. 

So, I have my two boxes sitting on my shelf above the table and it is all just so handy. They are really easy to use and it's great that you know there are no nasty chemicals going on that scrumptious skin. Cheeky Wipes say there is no need to dry the wipes before using them again just pop them straight back in the box. I like to make extra work for myself though and don't do this. I have two reasons for this; firstly by hanging them out on the washing line it helps bleach out any stains, and secondly I will have put another load of wipes straight in the box so won't need them until it's empty.

My washing machine has a ginormous load size of 9kg, so I can get through a lot of wipes before I have a full load. As a result I bought a few extra pack of wipes, I probably have about 75 in total. This may seem a tad excessive but part of the reason is because of the one big problem I had with Cheeky Wipes. They are not good friends with nappies with velcro on. With Noah I had a set of Bum Genius nappies with velcro and they just stuck to the terry towelling wipes, leaving a lot of them quite thread bare. I didn't buy the terry ones again and the micro fibre ones are much prettier colours and nicer to use I think. I also do not use those nappies any more and would not recommend them to anyone. 

The out and about bags are a good idea, I did use them with Noah but I have to admit we take disposable ones out with us now. I have to draw the line somewhere and it's just one more thing to remember to sort out in the nappy bag, leaving a pack of disposable ones in there is much easier. 

One small disclaimer I have to make is about the boxes. Since I bought my boxes over 3 years ago, Cheeky Wipes have redesigned the box. The box style I had you pushed the lid and it popped open. Sadly the clasp bit didn't last very well, they did replace the lids quite happily though as they knew it was a design flaw. The new boxes have a clip lid which looks much sturdier. Here is a picture of the different types of boxes so you have a slight idea of the improvements they made. 

Unfortunately thought, my mucky wipes box is on it's last days. The hinge has worn away to the lids completely pops off every time I use it. I think it would have been better if Cheeky Wipes had sent out their new boxes to customers who complained about the old ones, as the whole thing looks designed better. It isn't the end of the world though as I can just put the wipes straight in the bucket with the nappies. It will be a disaster if the clean wipes goes too though!

I hope you have found this review useful. Give me a shout if you have any questions about this, or anything I have mentioned in the post.

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