9 Jul 2014

Noah's New Bedroom

Recently, we finally got round to finishing Noah's bedroom. We had painted it and got the furniture in, but no matter how much we called it a 'space bedroom' there was absolutely nothing space themed about it! I bought some wall vinyls from Etsy. There were not cheap, but they were exactly what I had in mind and you could pick the colours for it. This really appealed to me as I could make sure they completely matched my 'scheme'! 

When they arrived, I realised just how big a job it was going to be. All of these pieces were arranged on the sheets in colours, so the things that were made up of lots colours had to assembled on the wall. So we arranged for Noah to be elsewhere so we had four free hands to do it. In the picture above you can see Thomas finishing the rocket. 

My aim for the day was to get the rocket done, but once we got going we found that they were really easy to do. This bit above has a girl standing on a boys shoulders, and every element was separate. It was quite tricky getting the bits in exactly the right place, but the design is really forgiving. Where the wall shows it looks like it's meant to be there. 

In the end we managed to get almost all of it done before Noah came home, and he was asleep so we could put all the furniture back ready for his big surprise. At the moment he is still in his toddler bed, but I plan to put some white bunk beds in the same place for the boys to share in the future.

This is my favourite part, I think it's just so cute with the little bucket full of the stars they have caught. 

We decided to put the height chart on the wardrobe, so if we ever moved house or changed the wardrobe, we could take the door off and keep it. We plan to mark their heights on it periodically and now Noah is 3 I really need to get a permanent marker to make his first mark. The basket of nappies has gone now, hooray!

This photo does not show how pleased Noah was! He came in slowly, with his hand over his mouth and just said "WOW!" He then spent the rest of the day, make that week, telling me is was "amazing", "beautiful", "wonderful"and what all his favourite bits are! Right now they are the aliens.

I love him being in the big bedroom because I can keep moving around the furniture. Right now it looks nothing like this anymore! We plan to replace his toddler bed with bunk beds eventually so the boys can share the room.

Please comment if you have enjoyed seeing inside our house. Is there anything else you would like me to write about?

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