9 Jul 2014

Project 52 - 27/52

Wow. The weather lately has been amazing! I say that, but it has completely recked my skin. I am so torn between enjoying being out in the sunshine with happy boys and my face, neck and arms being covered in rashy dry skin. 

One day last week, I heard it was due to be the hottest day of the year, so Noah and I decided to head somewhere a bit cooler. We had a really lovely walk in the woods, Noah actually walked the whole way which is very rare. Despite not wanting to go out at all he had a good time once we were there. We took his new camera and a pot with a magnifying lid from his bug hunting kit to try and have a mini beast adventure (we love Jess on cbeebies). 

Judah still remains the happiest little chap. He wants to eat ALL THE TIME which is starting to wear me down. I'm going full on with purees now and am trying out formula in the evenings to get him to sleep a bit longer (I actually got a bit of evening to myself last night so it's working a little). I don't remember knowing about the '4 month growth spurt' last time with Noah, although we weened him at the same age so it must have happened. It is most definitely what is happening with Judah though. I just pray it only lasts a month! He has also graduated from the carry cot to the seat in the pushchair, he just wants to see what is going on!

This week is already running away from me. I have so much to do, but the weather is nowhere near as nice so hopefully that will keep me indoors and doing it.

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