27 Jan 2014

Project 52 - 4/52

This week Noah has taken to photography himself. I don't think it shows off the growing bump very well, but I think you can see I don't have much that fits and I'm not very comfortable!

He looks so grown up in this photo. We managed to find a lovely dry day for playing in the park in Canterbury, back home in Ashford it was thick fog!

20 Jan 2014

A Big Thank You!

I would just like to do a post saying a massive thank you to a very old friend! Despite not having much contact over the last 8 years, after reading this this post about unisex baby clothing, she sent me this gorgeous package of baby clothes in the post!

It was such a kind thing to do, the clothes are adorable and it gave me great encouragement in writing my blog. The clothes are all from Pumpkin Patch, which I did not know still had a website, I thought when they went into administration just around the time Noah was born that was it. It was a real shame because there clothes are lovely, one of my favourite outfits Noah wore as a baby was from there and they still stock it - see here

So again, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Ella, and thank you to everyone who encourages my writing!


Project 52 - 3/52

I didn't manage to get a photo of me this week. Not much has changed though. In pretty sure I've stopped growing any bigger for the moment!

I got this hilarious picture of Noah though. He loves to make me laugh and is always coming up with silly things to make me giggle. Normally he would do things like this to avoid eating lunch, but there's nothing keeping this kid from his food at the moment. I'm expecting him to grow a foot in the next couple of weeks with the amount he's eaten!

14 Jan 2014

The Hospital Bag

I have begun the laborious task of packing a hospital bag. I'm actually still undecided whether I want a home birth or to go into hospital (edit: I have just reserved a birthing pool to hire so I can have a home birth, so hope I never need to take this carefully packed bag anywhere!). I'm packing the bag anyway, just in case is always good, but also because everything will be in one place and I won't be trying to send Thomas all over the place to fetch things!

I am going to use the Ju Ju Be - Be Prepared that I previously wrote about, you can find the original post here. It's way too big to use as a nappy bag for Noah now instead we just use a little back pack for short trips or the BFF for longer trips (post to follow on that at some point I'm sure!). I have written a ginormous list though, which even the BP may not handle! I can't remember what I took last time and I'm sure I didn't touch most of it! I do like to be prepared though as the bag says!

So is my list of what to include in your hospital bag

  • Dressing gown - always good to feel a little decent
  • Slippers and socks
  • An old nightie or tee to birth in
  • Massage oil - Noah was born back to back, all Thomas did the whole night was rub my back when I was contracting. I wish I had had a lovely scented oil then.
  • Vaseline - I always have dry lips but air conditioning in hospitals is the worst!
  • Isotonic drinks and plain snacks - just incase I''m in for a long haul!
  • Books/kindle/magazines/iPad
  • Ipod speakers
  • Hairbrush, hairbands and grips - will definitely be popping my hair up into a french plait for post birth photos!
  • Make up - I can't stand to look at the photos of me with Noah after he was born, I fully intend to fake it!
  • Spare clothes for hubby/birthing partner
  • Swimming things for us both - I really want to make sure I actually get to the water this time!
  • Charger for iThings
  • Fresh, comfortable, breast feeding friendly clothes
  • Nursing bras
  • Wash things - including nipple cream, breast pads, maternity pads and a towel
  • Baby clothes - I have 2x vests, 2x sleepsuits, booties, a hat, 2x cardigans, a going home outfit and a blanket
  • Newborn nappies
Then I also have a post it with things to grab at the time;
  • Camera - make sure it is charged!
  • My amazing pregnancy pillow that is great for lying down, back support and will be good for breastfeeding support too I hope!
  • Phone
  • Maternity notes
  • Baby car seat
I think that covers all the things, of course I also have the kitchen sink. I know I am an overpacker! What have I missed? Any other suggestions? I also read an excellent hospital packing blog post a while ago on Gas and Air written by a midwife and mother so pretty handy!


13 Jan 2014

Project 52 - 2/52

Late already! I have definitely decided to do a photography course, they are much cheaper than I was expecting. There is one in Ashford starting in April so I'm hoping to do that one!

We had a tea party, Noah helped me cook and wash everything up!

I hate everything about this picture, my bum looks huge, I am so shiny,  my hair is horribly greasy and I have to wear uggs or slip on Vans otherwise I have to get Thomas to put my shoes on!

10 Jan 2014

Unisex Baby Clothes


That is about all I can say!

On Saturday, Thomas, Noah and I decided we would avoid the rain and head to some shops to get the new baby (known quite firmly as 'Flapjack' in this house) some clothes. I kept all of Noah's clothes from when he was a baby, I tried to keep things as unisex as possible. Turns out they aren't at all, looking at them now and imagining a girl in them just doesn't work. It's also very clear Noah was born in June, there are nowhere near enough warm things for a February baby! So we went to get some nice warm little outfits.

We got.......nothing.

White anyone?

EVERYTHING for new babies is pink, blue or white. We have never wanted to find out the sex of our baby before it was born, but it seems like that makes you the most boring parents who would only want to dress their child in white! Only on coming home did I find a few items on the Mothercare website that were red, and these were definitely not in store. So we have decided to just grab a few white sleep suits, which I think I might tie-dye, to get us through the first few days and then we shall be going out on a shop for sex specific winter clothes!

This is sold out! Why could they not also have this in orange, bright yellow, green......?!

It puts me in mind to start up a unisex baby clothing company, if only I had an inch of designer/crafter in my body! Some one want to pair up with me? I could do the business side of things? Alternatively if someone could point me towards some affordable unisex clothing that would be fab!


6 Jan 2014

The 2014 To Do List

You may remember that at the beginning of last year Thomas and I made a list of family goals. You can view the original post here.
We didn't complete all of them, but they are just goals, not something to beat ourselves up about if we don't quite get there. So here are the things to cheer about.......

-We made that baby!!!!
-We are getting better at keeping things tidy  
-We almost always eat at the table, tv dinners are a special treat (which is of course what we are doing    right now!)
-We are much better with our budget
-I got my tattoo done
-I was a much healthier weight before I got pregnant!

And so this year! Some are the goals we didn't achieve last year some are new goals!

-Potty train Noah
-Read 25 books/get to 80 on my book list
-Finish distance learning
-Pay off debts
-Get involved in baby wearing
-Teach Noah the pop beat on the drums
-Have watched 100 movies in total from 1001 Movies book
-Bake macaroons
-Travel to some new places

A smaller list than last year's, which is probably sensible what with a new baby arriving and all! What are your goals for the new year?


5 Jan 2014

The 52 Project 1/52

In an effort to rekindle my love affair with my blog and to get better at using my camera, I have decided to embark upon The 52 Project. Lots of people in the blogosphere did it last year and I loved seeing the pictures. My camera skills leave a lot to be desired! Maybe I will look for a photography evening class this year!

So, the project aim is to take a photo of your child once a week, every week, for a year. As some of you know we will have another little one arriving soon, so I felt this year would be a particularly interesting year to do it! Babies change so much in the first year that it will be great to document that. I find it harder to notice Noah changing now, just all of a sudden he seems different, so I am looking forward to being able to see his changes documented.

So here is week one's effort!

This kid is really determined to stick to his new year resolution

The bump at almost 33 weeks. I feel huge, I never feel like I look nice so having this picture is a huge challenge for me!