14 Jan 2014

The Hospital Bag

I have begun the laborious task of packing a hospital bag. I'm actually still undecided whether I want a home birth or to go into hospital (edit: I have just reserved a birthing pool to hire so I can have a home birth, so hope I never need to take this carefully packed bag anywhere!). I'm packing the bag anyway, just in case is always good, but also because everything will be in one place and I won't be trying to send Thomas all over the place to fetch things!

I am going to use the Ju Ju Be - Be Prepared that I previously wrote about, you can find the original post here. It's way too big to use as a nappy bag for Noah now instead we just use a little back pack for short trips or the BFF for longer trips (post to follow on that at some point I'm sure!). I have written a ginormous list though, which even the BP may not handle! I can't remember what I took last time and I'm sure I didn't touch most of it! I do like to be prepared though as the bag says!

So is my list of what to include in your hospital bag

  • Dressing gown - always good to feel a little decent
  • Slippers and socks
  • An old nightie or tee to birth in
  • Massage oil - Noah was born back to back, all Thomas did the whole night was rub my back when I was contracting. I wish I had had a lovely scented oil then.
  • Vaseline - I always have dry lips but air conditioning in hospitals is the worst!
  • Isotonic drinks and plain snacks - just incase I''m in for a long haul!
  • Books/kindle/magazines/iPad
  • Ipod speakers
  • Hairbrush, hairbands and grips - will definitely be popping my hair up into a french plait for post birth photos!
  • Make up - I can't stand to look at the photos of me with Noah after he was born, I fully intend to fake it!
  • Spare clothes for hubby/birthing partner
  • Swimming things for us both - I really want to make sure I actually get to the water this time!
  • Charger for iThings
  • Fresh, comfortable, breast feeding friendly clothes
  • Nursing bras
  • Wash things - including nipple cream, breast pads, maternity pads and a towel
  • Baby clothes - I have 2x vests, 2x sleepsuits, booties, a hat, 2x cardigans, a going home outfit and a blanket
  • Newborn nappies
Then I also have a post it with things to grab at the time;
  • Camera - make sure it is charged!
  • My amazing pregnancy pillow that is great for lying down, back support and will be good for breastfeeding support too I hope!
  • Phone
  • Maternity notes
  • Baby car seat
I think that covers all the things, of course I also have the kitchen sink. I know I am an overpacker! What have I missed? Any other suggestions? I also read an excellent hospital packing blog post a while ago on Gas and Air written by a midwife and mother so pretty handy!


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