21 Jul 2014

Project 52- 29/52

This photo of Noah is the cutest. Probably me for me than for you though. He got the giggle whilst we were eating lunch, Thomas kept saying silly "rude" phrases at him and he just couldn't stop. It melts me the way he puts his hand over his mouth when he gets the proper giggles.

I just can't keep up with Judah anymore, he is so strong and determined. I took this photo just after the first crawling attempt. He didn't do it again, but he was so interested in the camera he got to me faster than I could move away!

I think you can see his determination right there in his eyebrows!
This week we are off to Bournemouth for 5 days for my sister's wedding. We are staying in the most fabulous apartment with my family, it's set over four floors and from the pictures I've seen online it looks like there are lots of stairs. So that will be where Judah learns to crawl, right?!

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