3 Aug 2014

Mum's List 3

I have to admit I have had a horrible week this week. There have been pockets of goodness, but an over-riding feeling of exhaustion and misery!

Real Life

  • Since coming back from Bournemouth, neither boy has slept well. The first few days we had them both awake until 9/10pm. Then Judah is waking up at least 3 times a night for a feed, Noah has been waking up in the night and also waking up before 7am most mornings. We are both extremely tired, the thought that we are not going to get a good night's sleep any time soon is exhausting just to think about!
  • On Wednesday my sister came over and looked after both boys, so I had some freedom. It was amazing, I unpacked, got loads of washing done, got all our paperwork filed, did some studying, the list goes on! It felt good to get some things organised, but in hindsight I wish I'd had a nap!
  • Thursday was a really hard day. For some reason we had complete toilet regression from Noah. He wet himself 5 times, which previous to this I think had happened once in the last couple of months. The first time we were out and I had nothing for him to wear, cue half naked dash home! He then just kept doing it and I had no idea if he was doing it on purpose. Thomas was out in the evening and neither boy wanted to stay asleep. I think I managed to get them both off and went to sleep myself by about 9.30!
  • The positives of Thursday were accidentally matching Judah as pictured above, seeing our darling friend Patrick as pictured below, and briefly seeing my friend Rachel who brought over Noah's very belated birthday present. He was so so polite to Rachel and said thank you so nicely, unprompted, that I was a very proud Mummy.
  • Friday I couldn't cope anymore, so made an emergency visit to my very wonderful in-law's for lunch and some extra hands. 
  • Lack of sleep has made everyone very grumpy all week, even the happiest baby ever has had a grizzle on. I am inclined to think that he is teething though, so there have been the odd doses of calpol which have helped settle him off to sleep in the evenings. We also gave him frozen mango in a Nuby Nibbler, which he LOVED.
  • Let's end on some positives though; Judah still isn't crawling but he is so very close, he's pretty much mastered sitting though. I genuinely saw Noah spell the word 'tap' on an Alphablocks game, I watched him sit and say the word over and over to work out the sounds in it and get it right first time. I was completely dumbfounded, ran to get my camera and video him doing the next words. They weren't as good but still impressive for a 3 year old. Also, I had a little session with Thomas remembering how to skate which was lots of fun!

Social and Blogging

Very little change here. 
  • I got all my blog pages up to date and my views have gone past the 7000 mark which is exciting.
  • Instagram followers continue to grow rapidly, which is great because it is the best social media platform in my opinion.
  • Pretty stagnant on all other social media, but I haven't done anything to try and grow my followers.


  1. I think Instagram is the best too! Soooo over Facebook! :) X

  2. Ha! I love fb!! but tbh they're all way too time consuming!

    Sorrry you've had such a naff week - but respect for holding it together. I would have a) moved in with my in laws and b) not found a single good thing so kudos love! I hope this week's been better xxx

    Thanks for linking up again! xxxx #MumsList