10 Aug 2014

Mum's List 4

Thankfully I can say this week has been much better than last week! 

Real Life
  • Monday started the week off quite well,  the cleaner was sick, which I was kind of glad about. It meant we didn't have to get out the house for a couple of hours and could just stay in. Noah had fallen asleep at 4.30 on Sunday afternoon and slept through until about 6 Monday morning. It was so nice to spend a day at home with him in a much happier mood! 
  • Tuesday my sister came and had the boys in the afternoon and I had a nap. Bliss! In the evening I took my sister up to Bluewater and had a really good shop and a burger. It was really nice to have some time out the house and I love girly time with my littlest sis as it's kind of new for us.
  • The rest of the week days were full of seeing friends and trips to fun parks with my mum. Lots of adult company and getting out the house compared to the week before.
  • I started a beginner's yoga course on Wednesday which I really enjoyed. I haven't been to Pilates in 2 weeks and I've really missed it. I have been scoffing my face quite a lot lately and I am pretty certain I've put some weight back on. My body confidence has dropped right down as a result. I daren't weigh myself to see the real damage, I just plan to get running again. When it stops raining!
  • Judah still isn't crawling, he is so close though! He wants to practice at every opportunity and never sits still!
  • Noah is so smart it surprises me as I'm sure I never teach him anything! This week we made a card for my friend who has had a baby called Quinn. He figured out that the sound at the beginning was "Qu" and found the right letter to stick on the card. He can also identify the numbers 1-10 and understands counting items up to 10 as well.
  • The photos below were from Sunday morning and chocolate croissants for breakfast. Thomas said: "Having a baby makes your toddler seem so much more civilised"!

Blog Life

  • I have over 100 followers on Twitter. Pretty good for someone who doesn't use it! 
  • My cousin sent me some digital mock ups for the new blog page. Getting excited about her designs!
  • I had no photos at all to do Project 52. Next week isn't looking much better.
This week I've read two great articles I just had to mention
  • Firstly this article as it was International Breast Feeding Week - 30 Ways Breast Feeding And Formula Feeding Are Exactly The Same. I breastfeed and strongly believe everyone should at least give it a go, because duh it's free! However, I don't give a monkey's how you ultimately feed your baby.
  • Secondly -  Forget the cot, sleep with your baby. I'm sure the article is right, most people sleep with their babies in their bed more than they let on. We've never hidden the fact our bed ends up full of babies and other people always know exactly what we are talking about. It definitely makes me feel good being that close to the tiny ones and I'm sure it must be good for them too.
So here's to another good week next week. 

Mums' Days
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