17 Aug 2014

Mum's List 5

Real Life
Wow. This week has been a busy one. It has definitely been a good one though which is great.
  • We got caught in the rain a grand total of 4 time this week, including two wet picnics!
  • I did Pilates for the first time in two weeks and it hurt. Then I did Yoga the next night so consequently carried on hurting for a few more days!
  • After a day when both boys moaned and cried all day, I felt like I couldn't cope with two children at all. That evening my neighbour text me asking if I could look after her daughter the next day! I was really nervous but it was actually great and boosted my confidence.
  • We went to the Rare Breeds Centre, the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway and Noah had his first trip to the theatre to see What the Ladybird Heard. So it was a very exciting week for him. When we asked him what he thought of the theatre he said it was "wonderful".

  • I have managed to go out for drinks with friends and Thomas and I went out for dinner round our friends' house. We even got some child free time at a party we went to meaning we could join in the music 'jam' that was happening.
  • At the end of the party everyone left went out for a walk, I hand't been planning on joining in on this activity but it was a beautiful evening and I had the Mei Tai carrier in the car. I did not, however, have good footwear; I was wearing my new Toms! It was ok going in my toms for most of the walk but right near the end we had to cross a field that was really wet, sticky mud. There was no way I was going to wreck my Toms crossing it so I went barefoot. At first it was gross but I got into it and then found it totally liberating. Was much easier cleaning my feet than it is trying to get mud off walking boots as well!
  • We have also got to spend a lot of time within our new church family, getting to know people and beginning to feel really part of things. I'm so pleased we decided to make a change as I feel a lot more positive as a result. The party yesterday was with people from our old church family, which was also really special as they are some amazing people that we don't want to leave behind.
  • Judah (still) isn't crawling, he is, however, a complete liability already. He also loves food.

Social and Blogging
I really have nothing to add here. I have been so busy with everything else I have barely even been online!

Looking forward to next week being as good (although with time for blogging).

Mums' Days
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  1. Sounds like such a good week, and busy - no wonder you have had no time to blog! Thanks for linking to #MumsList x