21 Aug 2014

Project 52 - 33/52

Please excuse the state of the wall behind Noah, we're getting some work done in our kitchen/dining room soon and are trying to decide how to redecorate (second from the left is winning at the moment). Look at that cheeky grin. We are savouring those wonderful smiles at the moment as Noah's sleep is still very disturbed, therefore he is tired all the time. Grumpy Noah isn't much fun!

This one, however, remains eternally smiley. One day I upstairs and thought to myself "Noah's playing the piano very nicely, he usually bashes away on it". I went downstairs to find this.......

This was the first time Judah had pulled himself up on something. By the next day he had used the top of the piano to pull himself onto his feet, and yesterday he moved onto the little kitchen which is next to the piano. SLOW DOWN CHILD! 


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