29 Jun 2014

Project 52 - 21-25/52

31/05/2014 - We had a lovely walk in a local park with a friend this day, the picture doesn't really show just how high this wall is. Noah is a real adventurer though!

31/05/2014 - Judah has a great line in pouty bottom lips! Pretty hard to resist!

13/06/2014 - Noah sat like a champ in the car all day as we drove down to Dorset for the weekend. Here we stopped for a picnic and a little wild swimming. Still not got very good at smiling for pictures!

14/06/2014 - Judah really enjoyed the steam train ride as you can see!

18/06/2014 - Noah was a big fan of the model village at Legoland. He really loves London so that bit was definitely his favourite! 

20/06/2014 - Judah's first try of baby rice. He loved it. He's chomped on some of our food too, I think like Noah we'll do a mixture of purees and baby led weening. The only thing he has disliked so far was a carrot stick, hopefully we have another champion eater on our hands!


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