25 Jun 2014

Did you miss me?

Sorry for the complete radio silence around here lately!

First I got really busy, then I kept forgetting to take any pictures so felt embarrassed I wasn't getting on with my Project 52, then I just completely lost motivation!

So what has been going on then?

I have been working on a project with my Dad and a friend. Hopefully I will be able to fill you in all about it soon but for now there's not much I can say! It could potentially make me very busy though, so I need to get motivated again!
I have lost a good amount of baby weight, I have been running a bit and started Pilates. I currently weigh 12 and a half stone. I definitely want to get down to 12 stone but will just keep going if I can.
I have my sister's hen party next weekend which I am really looking forward to. Need to express a lot of milk this week though as Thomas will have the boys on his own all weekend!
I've joined a choir, which I love! I'll be doing my first gig with them in a couple of weeks and it's a choir competition! Anyone in the Kent area should come along to Tentertainment on the 4th July to come and support us.

Thomas has been working ridiculously hard. He usually does extra work in the evenings at least twice a week. Due to this, and us both just being so tired, he hasn't been able to get out and do much of the things he loves; climbing and playing music. I am trying to get him out the house soon!

Noah is potty trained (post on this to follow), it was so easy once we did it so I am so glad we waited. He is now completely dry, day and night.
His 3rd birthday was last week, we had a lovely day out at Legoland. At the weekend we had family round for a BBQ which was just the most perfect day!
He really seems to have grown up a lot too, we still have plenty of hard days but its getting easier!

Judah is changing so much, he is so strong. He would much rather be on his feet than any other position. He is rolling and will turn in circles so is never where i left him anymore! He's also started eating a bit of baby rice as he is just so hungry all the time!

I have a few photos I can do as a photo post and a tonne of products I want to review so you will be hearing more from me in the coming weeks!

Good to be back!

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