8 Feb 2014

Right now I'm loving.......001

I am an excellent online window shopper. I fill my baskets with things I have no money to buy but would love. I have wish lists on websites that are pages long!

I am also really good at pinterest. I can pin things all day long. I am pretty good at picking out pins that are actually doable (some things are look amazing but realistically you need some special talents to achieve). Actually doing them is something else though!

So I have decided to share with you the things I'm loving right now. I will try to  make this a regular post. Then maybe you can benefit from my 'special talents'!

These boys tees from Vertbudet. It's so hard to find boys tees that don't have really cheesy logos and sayings on them, and these are 3 for £9! Bargain!!

This shirt from Modcloth. Am starting to think about post pregnancy clothes, actually that's a lie, I am obsessed with what I will be able to wear! I am so so very sick of the three tops that still fit me. Then there is the consideration of being able to get my boobs out for feeding this kid! So I am all about button up tops right now!  

This camera strap cover from Etsy. As I have just enrolled in a photography course my camera will be out with me lots more. The current strap that came with the camera is so uncomfortable and this looks amazing and will make it much more comfortable! I am also all about chevrons!

These swaddle blankets from Aiden and Anais. I love the look of a baby all snuggled up in a blanket. It is supposed to be great for helping babies feel secure and safe. I can't say I have tried and tested this method with Noah as the week after he was born it was scorching hot so he was just in a nappy the whole time we didn't wrap him up at all! Obviously this time it's much colder so I want to get involved in swaddling. These look amazing and I have it on good authority that they are really useful way after they need to be swaddled. I would actually have ordered these but I like the pink ones so am waiting to find out what we have!

This sweatshirt by Beau Loves from Archies Boutique. Would dress Noah in this entire collection but can't actually afford one piece!`

This gold striped wall. I have been wanting to do this in our bedroom for ages but the prospect of painting it is quite daunting! Right now though I really have the decorating bug. I don't know if it's nesting or just from watching The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC 2 but I have ideas for so many of our rooms! 

So that's what I'm into this week. I have a child free day on Tuesday so maybe I'll head out and grab some frog tape and gold paint!


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