20 Mar 2013

Approaching 1000

Hello there everyone.
I am very soon to go over the 1000 page views boundary! I really can't believe so many of you want to read my random chatterings, but thank you very much!

I apologies that I haven't been very active of late. Writers block I suppose. I don't feel very positive about things going on in my life, there are people and situations making things very stressful and I don't want to write whole posts full of misery! So I have been choosing silence.

On a positive note, Noah has become the biggest mimic and a right little chatterbox. He comes home from nursery singing and doing the actions of a new rhyme every day, he recites the swimming teachers instructions in the car on the way home, every time we teach him a new word he uses it the next time in perfect context, he is beginning to use possessive words (without the actual s though) - 'Mummy tea', 'Noah boots', 'Daddy tootah (computer)', even the occasional two words strung together - this morning at breakfast he was quite concerned that we haven't seen his best pal in a couple of weeks and kept saying 'Where Lois?'. It really is adorable, and a little scary how much he notices!

I'm going to have to get some video of him singing the nursery rhymes, the wheels on the bus is just the best!
Because what's a blog post without a photo - Noah insists on wearing these shorts whenever
he can despite the rather chilly temperatures!

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