3 Jan 2013

Ju Ju Be - Originally posted 15/09/12

Ever since having Noah I have been dissatisfied with the nappy bags I had. I had two problems, firstly we use reusable nappies and they take up a lot more room, and secondly I have a tendency to want to take everything with me everywhere "just in case"! So none of the bags I tried were big enough for a whole day out, and it seemed pointless to use disposable nappies when we were out and about. When I discovered the Ju Ju Be bags I thought they were so lovely. They are so well thought out and made from really good quality materials. The bags are teflon coated to keep them clean, the changing mats are memory foam and the hardware is all really strong metal. All their bags are call 'Be something'..... so this bag, the 'Be Prepared', was made for me!
It's actually designed as a bag for twins, which is slightly embarrassing, but it can fit everything I want in! It also doubles up as a weekend bag when Noah is staying at his grandparents' houses and we DO just take disposables. One of my favourite parts of this bag is the 'Mummy Pocket' or parent pocket as Thomas keeps telling me! When I'm out with Noah I never want to carry around a handbag as well as a nappy bag, but in other bags I was forever rummaging around for my phone or purse. This bag has a separate pocket at the front just for ME.
As you can see it has lots of pockets for organising your belongings. The key fob is great to stop your keys wandering, the sunglasses pouch can also clean your glasses, and there are two plastic pockets on the front for putting photos in (which I haven't got round to yet) Behind the mummy pocket is a small flat pocket, which you can tuck the front short handle into, I also keep my kindle in there for the rare moments Noah is asleep and I have time to sit with a coffee and have a read
Inside there is masses of space. Which of course I can fill every bit of!
Here's the things i have inside Jumper for Noah Small bag of first aid items Waterproof bag with spare clothes Small child entertainment Nappies A couple of emergency disposable nappies A muslin Snacks Sun cream 'Be Clean' bib 'Be Quick' zip bag
The "Be Quick" bag was possibly the best purchase of the lot! It's just the right size to fit one disposable nappy and my cheeky wipes (post to follow about those). It also has a little zip pocket which I keep bum cream and hand cleaning gel in.
We don't want to lug this monster of bag to and from the toilets, so we can just grab the 'Be Quick' and the change mat (good for a man who doesn't want to carry around a massive flowery bag). I will also just stick this in a handbag if I'm only popping out for a couple of hours. I'll just include a few pictures of the other things in the bag.... The child entertainment
The 'Be Clean' bib and it's super little pouch
Drink in the best cup we've found, and snacks which today are (from the top down)....bread sticks, raisins, crisps, biscuits and blueberries and rasperries.
A nappy and the wet bag
Nearly there! The back pocket has the changing mat in and you can tuck the other short handle in here when using the messenger strap.
The attention to detail on the bag is great. You do get what you pay for though! This bag did not come cheap, but I really do think it was worth every penny. If we ever have two babies in nappies this will be essential! It may be a little over the top for one, but I love it!

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