3 Jan 2013

Welcome one and all

Yet again I'm starting afresh. This time I mean it though. New year, new start. Last year not the best and my mind is just about exploding. So I want to write. Talk about my life, make sure I look at the good things in everyday. I also want to stick to the original aims. I found (and still do) blogs so helpful when I first had Noah, they are a great reference point for what 'real' mums do. Some parenting things, I feel great about and want to tell everyone what I do. Other aspect I just want to know what you, out there in the world, would do! I will copy over the post I want to keep from my old blog and then say goodbye to Tumblr. I hope many people enjoy what I have to say. Please talk to me, I want to create a dialogue with any readers I have! Bx

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