4 Jan 2013

Work vs. Home Life

Today I was at work. Friday is a work day, Monday, Friday and Saturday (or Sunday). And any other days in between! It was busy, and hard work, and frustrating. It was also fun, a laugh and challenging. Apparently I quite like challenging things (ask my husband!). Coming home and feeling completely exhausted made me think back on how I felt at the end of the day yesterday. I can only say OH MY WORD! Nothing, is more tiring, challenging or fun than a day at home with a toddler. Yet again, he was aggy as anything, well we both were. He pushed and pulled me around all day, not that he knew what he wanted from me. I hate it when he's like that, I desperately try to find an activity that would keep him happy. We did find some things. I did get him to sit and play on his new laptop whilst I got some tasks done on mine.
We also had our first go at painting in his magic water painting books. This was a success, he does seem to be quite craft. After the book lost it's appeal he went on to paint the oilcloth and then sat for ages really carefully painting his trunki, making sure he got water on every little bit of it!
After we both had a good nap we actually got some useful tasks done! We tidied up the house a bit and packed away all the clothes that don't fit him anymore. I felt scared by how much there was, and how big he is growing. Then I realised some of the clothes were 3-6 months and I didn't feel so bad. Actually it wasn't many clothes at all for 12+ months. He really is quite a little kid. The small tasks of home are fulfilling in a completely different way to my work life. Work is all encompassing when I am there, but I enjoy myself, I know exactly what to do and feel like ME. At home I feel out of my depth. Every moment is a new experience, it's a steep learning curve, but it fill my heart with a REAL purpose. A little person who needs gently guiding and teaching to help him along in the world. A task I often don't feel up to. I shall go on trying! Bx

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