6 Jan 2013

The 2013 To Do List

Last year we wrote a to do list.

Some simple goals and aims that we wanted to strive towards in 2012. We achieved almost none of them.This year we decided to try it again, with a little more determination from the massive failure of last year! 

The list is as follows (in no particular order)
-Successfully bake a batch of macaroons
-Complete all distance learning
-Make a baby
-Tidy all toys away before tea time
-Eat at the table
-Do not use credit cards
-Adhere to a budget
-Get more crafty
-No more potty mouthing
-Get tattoo done
-Blog more
-Maintain a healthy weight (that's how Thomas phrased it, I'd like to lose some more)
-Get to 70 on my 100 book list
-Keep better contact with friends near and far
-Potty train Noah

Some small, some bigger, some life changing.

 So far it's going pretty well. Obviously the blog is going well. Other than a movie and pizza night, we have eaten at the table. The toys (that fit in the toy boxes) are going away every day. Today we saw some friends that we saw about twice last year, which was no where near enough! For the second time this week I text someone just on the off chance they were free and both times it paid off. Another text has just been sent this minute for later in the month, so here's hoping! I also saw a tattooist about drawing me up some artwork.

Thomas has promised if I count 3000 swear words I get a car, so I kind of don't mind if that one fails! He's only up to 7 though!

 I know it's only the 6th but the success we have so far is making me feel pretty smug!Bx

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