2 Mar 2014

Noah's bedroom

As I write this post Thomas and his dad are painting one of our spare rooms which is going to bed a new room for Noah and Judah to eventually share.
So I thought I would share what Noah's room looks like now before it gets turned into an office for Thomas to work from home.
I planned how we were going to decorate Noah's room before he was born, before we knew he was a boy, before we knew we were going to call him Noah. I made the curtains, a bumper and quilt for the crib and a quilt for the cot. My sister came over to paint the room before he was born (except I went into labour the night she arrived so she painted it and helped us out loads in his first few days!).

She used a projector to put the outlines of the animals on the wall and then painted the green around the outside to leave the animals as negative space. 

Noah's furniture came from mothercare, the bed is a cot bed which we made into a toddler bed after our holiday to Antigua in the summer. Please excuse all the junk from on top of the wardrobe! It's all the clothes and books that Noah has grown out of, every time I sort the washing it seems like half his clothes have to go up there!

This ark was bought by Noah's great grandparents the day he was born. It's made from wood and has loads of pairs of anumals. It's so beautiful and well made. Definitely one of my favourite toys Noah has!

As you can see I like bright bold colours and a strong theme! The boys' new room is space themed, in blue orange and red! This time we are making things a bit easier by using wall vinyls, I though of painting a mural but now we have two children it's not realistic! Also I am a huge perfectionist and not a very good artist! Paying for someone else's work seems much more sensible! I shall post when we have finished the room. 

You can now.....


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