25 Mar 2014

Project 52 - 12/52

Wow. Another week has gone by already! Judah is already five weeks old, how did that happen? Not sure if this project makes time pass even faster. My energy levels have pretty much run out now with five weeks of sleepless nights. I'm finding it increasingly hard to be dressed before lunch, let alone get out the house. Also the weather has taken a turn for the worse so outside is less appealing. Just taking pictures at home doesn't seem inspiring enough so I'm not getting very good pictures of the boys. Even so, here are my efforts.....

Noah was never very fussed on swings before, but they seem to be growing on him. This is in my Mum's garden, I love that plant behind the swing. It looks so springy!

Judah is not really a newborn any more *goes and cries into my pillow*. He's awake a lot more now, trying to hold his head up and is getting pretty good at getting his fingers in his mouth to sooth himself. We get reasonable sleep considering, he usually wakes about 3 times a night. Feeds and goes back to sleep. I am very grateful that he doesn't stay awake for hours at night, I put this down to swaddling, it seems to work!

I will get better pictures of Judah one day! 

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