29 Mar 2014

Noah's birthday wish list

I know this post may seem super early but I'm trying to be organised. I may struggle to get everyone ready before lunch but I can at least try to be more organised!
Noah will be 3 in June so I have decided to write a list of things he would love to have fore his birthday. As you can see there is a recurring theme through all the items; Cars Cars Cars (Disney Pixar in particular not just things with wheels). He just loves it, you can convince him of anything if you just get Cars involved. For example.....
Thomas - "Time to get into the buggy Noah"
Noah - "I don't want to! It's BORING"
Thomas  - "But it's red, it's a Lightning McQueen buggy!"
Noah - "Ok!"


Not sure what we are going to get for him yet, probably the camera.....

1. Getting Noah to brush his teeth is a twice daily chore. Sometimes letting him use our electric one will convince him. This Cars toothbrush is bound to get him interested. For a week at least!

2. Trying to keep Noah stimulated is hard because his is so bright and his memory is incredible, making things like the puzzles we have too easy. I have been on a bit of a puzzle buying spree on eBay and bigger ones like this Cars puzzle are much more challenging for him. He loves doing them as well.

3. For Christmas, Thomas' best buddy James and his girlfriend Alicia bought Noah a disposable camera. He loved snapping pics with it, even if most of them didn't come out so great. Since then he has been using our old digital camera. Unfortunately he broke mine and Thomas' is so slow he doesn't have the patience to wait for it to actually take a picture. This Cars camera would be perfect as it's really simple and should be toddler proof!

4. A couple of weeks ago Noah and Thomas were kind enough to take me to the shops for some new clothes. Whilst I was trying on some clothes Thomas took Noah into the disney shop. I'm kind of gutted I missed his first visit. As a kid I LOVED the Disney shop, I even once won £100 to spend there! Thomas treated Noah to a die-cast Lightning Mcqueen for being such a good boy. What he really had his eyes on though was this Mack lorry containing die-cast figures of all the cars. The price was a little out of the 'treat' range though!

5. Having a poorly boy before Christmas highlighted to me that we had a distinct lack of Disney films in our DVD collection. Since then I have been slowly correcting this, so far we have the Cars movies, Toy Story 1, Alladin, Monsters Inc, Lilo and Stich, Rio and the Jungle Book. I'd like to add a few more and Toy Story 2 would be top of the list.

6. This one is a bit sentimental and silly! When my sisters and I were little we all had a Disney beach towel which we had our swimming badges sewn onto. Since Noah has been doing Puddle Ducks swimming lessons (money toward these would also be a great present) he has earned a few badges, but I haven't bought them because I really wanted him to have his own Disney towel to put them on. Silly I know! This Cars beach towel fits the bill nicely.

7. We have a very basic circle of Duplo train track that Noah loves to play with. It's definitely the toy he asks for the most. This Duplo train set is full of fun additions that would make it much more interesting to play with.

8. Noah. Loves. Books. If we're not sure what to do we read books. If I'm feeding Judah we read books. If we're watching tv we're watching Driver Dan, read books! Julia Donaldson books are my favourite to read so adding to our small collection; Stick Man, the Gruffalo, Zog (my favourite), the Rhyming Rabbit and What the Ladybird Heard, would be great.

9. Noah's concentration is improving and doing craft is becoming more interesting to him. We like getting inspiration from Mister Maker but we have nowhere near enough in our doodle drawers! So anything like poster paintsfoam shapesgoogly eyescoloured card and paper would help.

10. We recently redecorated Noah's bedroom in a space theme. I will do a post when we have finished the final touches but this rocket tent would be a great addition!

This is just a few things that I know he would appreciate. In reality he needs nothing! Our house is almost full to the brim with toys already!

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